Welcome to Prestila M’s universe, founder of Be Mak Paris. 

Originally from Congo, Prestila M. grew up in France and studied until college over there. She graduated from a master degree in project management. 

Passionate about entrepreneurship and projects management, Prestila first started to launch a wedding platform named “en route vers le marriage”. Platform that became a real reference regarding wedding in Europe and North America.

Prestila is a strong woman and has never been scared of leaving her comfort zone. It’s been now two years that she decided to leave everything and move to Canada and more precisely in Toronto to live her dreams. 

In addition to entrepneurship, Prestila is passionate about fashion. Indeed, she is one of those who can come in to a store and immediately find the perfect piece.

Today she is about to launch “Be Mak Paris”. More than a brand, this is a real concept. With this website you will get to know more about Prestila’s passion and her new concept « Be Mak Paris ». 

We will conclude with Prestila’s favourite quote « Believe in the impossible is making everything possible».

Prestila Mak.