It’s been now 2 years that I settle down in Toronto “the city of my heart”.

I will start with a funny story. When I was 12 during a family reunion my dad asked every one of us (me my brothers and sisters) where we wanted to live in a few years (He didn’t really like France.) My answer was Canada. My brothers and sisters looked at me with a weird face “Does she even know where is Canada on a map??”

But today I really live in Canada.

Moving to Canada has been a long process. I did not leave my sweet France that easily (hot baguettes from the bakery, my late afternoon shoppings in chatelet-les-halles, Ladurée macarons on the Champs Elysées…) All those things were hard to leave behind.

I first started to come to Toronto on vacation. Little by little I fell in love with Canada and more particularly with Toronto.  Citizens of Toronto are warm and kind people. You can get lost in the city and you will always find someone to help you. It’s really amazing. Even if you barely speak English they will still try to understand you.

I remember when I was living in Paris and I was meeting English speaking tourists lost in the city asking for help I was answering “Sorry I don’t speak English”. It was the only English sentence that I knew back then. (laugh)

I also thought that I didn’t have time to just answer a question !

Prestila Mak.