If there is any trend I am addicted to it’s the streetwear-fashion combination. I am not really a huge fan of sneakers and I barely wear them only to go boxing (laugh). However I love to wear sweatpants with heels!

Sweatshirts are very fashionable these days. You can find them anywhere and especially on my clothe range ‘BE MAK PARIS’. Don’t hesitate to order yours!

I am really a huge fan of this casual and chic look I love it. Besides the grey colour is perfect for the big cold in Canada. 

Nothing better than high heels to get more confidence. I am also someone who like to be different and wear things differently. I think I managed to look different with sweatpants and heels.

I really love accessories so I always try to wear a bag or a hat to complete the look with a nice make-up touch of course. 

So what do you think of my look of the day ?

Love you !

Prestila Mak.