Women always want to be in a perfect shape! Wearing whatever they want and feel comfortable whether it is in a pair of jeans or leggings. But having shaped legs and a perfect bottom is not given to anybody. For some of us genetic is helping a lot. We all have our own morphology. However some things cannot be changed because every body is different. First we have to accept ourselves and learn how to take up a new challenge. A real transformation is possible with exercises! The low part of the body is the strongest part in a women body. It is also the most difficult part to strengthen or to slim down. Besides all efforts we are doing daily like walking, taking the stairs, running to catch the bus, walking fast when we are late … is not enough…

But where can we start and how to incorporate exercises in our daily life? How to create new and good habits?

We can start simply at home! No need to have sport equipment for this series of 5 exercises targeting every lower part of the body.

  • Squat: one of the most popular and efficient muscle-development exercises. It makes you work on a lot of muscle groups such as the quadriceps, tailbone and abs!
  • Jump squat: This exercise combines a squat and a jump. It’s an ideal exercise to grow your strength and to help you develop the muscular tone. The jump squat also has a fat burning action, as it requires a lot of cardio-vascular effort.
  • Hip trusts: This exercise targets the bum and helps to strengthen and shape the buttocks. 
  • Kickbacks: This mono leg exercise is perfect to lift your bum and you won’t need a magic pant to make it look good!
  • Calf raises: Calf are part of the legs and we want to work everything in a proportional way. It is important to not ignore this exercise.

Do this training three times a week to begin and when your body is used to it repeat it more often:

  • 10 Squat
  • 10 Jump squat
  • 20 Montées de hanches
  • 20 Kickback pour chaque jambe
  • 20 Montées de mollets

Repeat this 3 times and the exercise of the day is done.

Sylvie D.

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