I’ve discovered “BC Cosmétique” in June 2017, at that time the shop was specialized only in lipstick. I was really interested in make-up and the beauty environment but I never really wore lipstick. The only times I wore lipstick it was very discrete neutral colors and I was satisfied of my taste.

One day I saw a review about the different BC products and I wanted to give it a try. When it was the time to order I didn’t really know what color to choose; there were so many choices! So I started asking myself a lot of questions. What color would look the best on me? ; Will I be satisfied of the result?  Would I be able to go out with those colors on my face? In the end I thought that none of those colors was standing out so I went crazy and I ordered one lipstick from each color! As soon as I received my package I tried every lipstick colors. I was surprised but I liked them all. Ever since that day “BC Cosmétique” became my favorite distributor. 

Today “BC Cosmétique” has evolved a lot. In addition to provide shops and professionals, “BC Cosmétique” offers beauty advices, beauty services and is now distributed in several countries outside the EU area.