If there’s one girl who’s addicted to flying, it’s me. Some of my friends call me the “travelling girl”. I used to fly almost every 6 months. But you know… when you’re in love (I won’t say more)!

Travelling has allowed me to have a critical mind on many things, travel makes me dream and above all it always gives me new ideas for my projects.

Among all my travels in Spain, Holland, Belgium, Germany, England, Canada and the USA, there is one trip that particularly marked me, it is Mexico! I never thought I’d ever set foot in Mexico and fall in love with it. When I heard about Mexico before, cartels, drugs and murders were coming to my mind. This is why it is important to experiment things by yourself in order to make your own opinion.

Today in my mind Mexico is associated to the beach, history and paradise trip. So it’s been almost 5 years I’ve decided to fly to Mexico. I have a friend who was living there already and she worked in tourism. Needless to say I was very well received. 

In Mexico everything is slow and nobody is stressing out. Mexicans are relaxed, nothing to do with Parisian stress. I have a little story that I’d like to share with you. When I arrived at the airport people told me my bags weren’t arrived yet. I’ve started to panic because as a good fashionista I planned on wearing one different outfit every day. I started to get angry and nobody understood my French-Spanish (laugh). 

The stopover agents tried to calm me down and reassure me on my bags status. I called my friend and she told me that when you arrive in Mexico it is a common thing to not see your bags on the first day. They normally arrive a day later; Welcome to Mexico 😊

My friend was living in Playa del Carmen, one hour away from Cancun. So I had to take a bus to get there. Landscapes are amazing and it is very it. The atmosphere is so soothing that I could stay here forever. My bags arrived a day later by cab. I was then the happiest girl in the world. 

Some days it is impossible to go out until 5 pm because it is way too hot. Playa del Carmen is really magical. Apparently the city was destroyed during the war and was rebuilt afterwards. Now it is a touristic landmark. Tourists are coming from everywhere in the world. People living there are very warm and respectful. I don’t know why but they love black skins. Everywhere we went almost everything was free for us. Very often I was asked to take pictures with them. Sometimes we did not even need to do the line to go to a nightclub. 

Above all food was amazing, 100% natural fruit juice, great guacamole. Life is cheap and we can live a good life there with not a lot of money. A particularity of Mexican is there small sizes. One time I was doing the line at the supermarket and I realized I was the tallest…However I am not that tall. 

I visited touristic landmarks and beaches and I got the opportunity to go to Cancun but I didn’t really like it as it is just a beach and a casino. Whereas Playa del Carmen is more a living city with a lot of things to see. For instance at night we can eat at the restaurant with a view on the beach and fire-eaters doing the show. 

I also had the opportunity to go to poor districts and I realized that people are satisfied with what they have.

With this beautiful journey, I learned to put it into perspective, remain calm when facing certain situations. I also realized how much it is important to travel to discover a new culture and a new lifestyle. I’ve learned to appreciate what I already have. Mexicans are happy and nice people living in peace and family are a very important value to them. I’ve decided I won’t have received ideas anymore and to travel more to discover what this world has to offer and more importantly to stay out of my comfort zone. 

Prestila Mak.